How to Train a Pit Bull Mastiff? Learn about these four training subjects

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BullfightingMastiff is a well-proportioned breed of dog. For the bullmastiff. Bulldog Mastiff is a mixed breed of dogs, with 60% Mastiff pedigree and 40% English Bulldog pedigree, so it was always used as a guard dog in the UK at that time, but it gradually evolved into Military dogs and pit dogs. Stiff dogs are relatively strong in size and strength, so it is difficult to raise them without training, so how to train pit bull mastiffs? Let's take a look together.

How to train Pitbull Mastiff? These four training subjects Find out more

1. Training Pitbull Mastiff Dogs are not picky eaters

Pitbull Mastiffs are picky eaters. If they don’t find their favorite food, they will often stop eating it. Even if the owner changes other food, the dog still won’t eat it. Only when the owner takes out all the food, will it pick out the food it likes to eat in the food. If you encounter this kind of picky eater situation, it is recommended to provide food on time every day. If the dog does not eat, then put it away directly. Don’t let the food stay on the table until the dog starts to eat the food he arranged normally.

2. Train the Pitbull Mastiff not to bite randomly

When changing teeth, the Pitbull Mastiff's canine root will itch, so it will bite the furniture randomly . We can prepare some bones or gummies for it to bite in advance. If the dog still bites the furniture at home, then it should be reprimanded, and the dog should be taken to the place where it bites the broken furniture, and its nose is pressed against the bite. Let it know that it is not allowed to bite, and then give the prepared bone or gum to the dog to let it know that it can be bitten.

3. Training the Bull Mastiff to protect the owner

If you want to train the Bull Mastiff to protect the owner, you must first trainDog's bite ability. Usually, the Bulldog Mastiff is fixed on a fixed object, and then stands 2 meters away, and an assistant trainer makes the action of hitting the owner. If the dog can actively bark at the assistant trainer at this time If it is called a demonstration, then the trainer will pretend to run away, so as to increase the dog's self-confidence, and at the same time, the owner should give the dog some rewards in time. But if the dog does not respond, the trainer should change from pretending to hit the owner to pretending to hit the dog. If the dog shows a strong desire to bark and bite, then the trainer will pretend to run away, while the owner Give the dog some rewards in time. Repeatedly, after many times of training, the dog can understand that when the owner is in danger, it needs to step forward and bite the other party in time to protect the owner.

4. Train the bulldog to go to the toilet correctly

First of all, we need to prepare a tablet, place it in the corner of the corridor or in the toilet and bathroom, and then put it on the tablet Lay out some newspaper with dog urine on it. In this way, when the dog has the intention to defecate, he will find the correct place by smelling the smell. If there is a situation where defecation is not performed at the specified place, then you need to take the dog to the specified place, and reprimand it, and tell it that this is the correct place. If things go on like this for several times, the dog will find the right place to defecate.

The above are some training subjects and methods for training pit bull Mastiff dogs. When you train dogs, you must be more patient, so that dogs can learn faster.