The house collapsed after the owner moved away, and the dog's mother lived with her children on the ruins and waited.

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More and more people are keeping pets now, but there are also many irresponsible owners, who will always abandon them for various reasons. The poor and loyal dog had no idea what was going on. He could only wait for his owner. It was heartbreaking to see him!

The owner moved out and the house collapsed, and the dog mother lived with her children on the ruins and waited

July 2 in Tianjin , a netizen accidentally discovered an abandoned yard that had collapsed while walking his baby. Although the owner left and the house collapsed, there was a dog living in the ruins! At that time, netizens were thinking that it might be waiting for its owner to come back! Netizens are also very kind and have come over often to feed it since they discovered it. Later, they found out that it had a child who also lived with it on the ruins!

The owner moved away and the house collapsed, and the mother dog lived with her children on the ruins and waited

Two dogs at the beginning They are quite vigilant. They don’t dare to approach when netizens are feeding them, and they dare not go over to eat until netizens leave. After several months of feeding, the two dogs have completely trusted the netizens. Whenever someone calls them, the dogs will immediately run over! In the hearts of dogs, netizens have become people they can rely on! Thank you to this kind netizen. Of course, if conditions permit, you can help find a dog for adoption. That is much better than waiting for an impossible person in the ruins!