The lustful orangutan has made it a habit of kissing and licking the breasts of female tourists, and has become an internet celebrity

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Have you ever seen such a lustful orangutan? He would attack the breasts of female tourists and kiss them on command. The orangutan lives in an enclosure at the Thai capital's wildlife park and is a supporting character standing by as tourists take photos. However, with the encouragement of keepers and other visitors, he learned to touch female breasts and kiss them. It is precisely because of this that it became an Internet star.

On April 16 In the video exposed online, we can see that 26-year-old Panisarali Kusurakan was wearing a pink top and black shorts while visiting a safari park and posing with a cheeky primate named Jung.

The orangutan hugged and kissed her while Panisala smiled happily. The orangutan then reached under her armpits and touched her breasts. At this time, Panisara looked a little embarrassed and protected her chest with her hands. At the prompt of the zookeeper, the orangutan kissed Panisala on the cheek, and then clapped rhythmically, with the laughter of tourists occasionally heard nearby.

However, some people are interested in using The behavior of orangutans coming to perform has been questioned. PETA complained that the orangutan had been "exploited and humiliated". Panisala disagreed and defended the zoo, saying: "The orangutan is very friendly and I love coming to the safari park to see it. It is the most attractive star because everyone likes to take photos with it. It's always clean and brings a lot of happiness to people, so I don't think there's anything wrong with it.