The venomous snake was caught and made into soup. Even after the snake's head was cut off, it still spewed venom!

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There are many venomous snakes in the world, and they can even be divided into several families. Among them, there are many venomous snakes such as Cobraidae, Sea Viperidae, Viperidae, Viperidae, and Viperidae, such as the familiar cobras and cobras. King snakes, bungar snakes, kraits, etc. are all venomous snakes of the family Cobra, while white-lipped cobras and black tree cobras are venomous snakes of the family Cobra.

Different venomous snakes have different morphological characteristics, habits, and venom. If we see a venomous snake, we should be careful and stay away. Especially those who like fishing, we should do this when fishing in the wild. Protective measures to avoid being bitten by venomous snakes.

For example, the venomous snakes here are the Bungarus snakes. Generally, when the weather is bad, such as high temperature and high humidity in summer, and when it is about to rain heavily, the Bungarus snakes They can be seen in farmland, on the roadside, in and out of villages, but they are rarely seen in winter.

Poisonous snakes are caught and brought home to make soup. Even after the snake's head is cut off, it still spits out venom!

Speaking of venomous snakes, we must not Not to mention some previous reports, it was said that a courageous man saw a seemingly dead venomous snake on the roadside. He thought about taking it home to make soup, so he cut off the head of the venomous snake. Unexpectedly, The venomous snake was not dead and was still spitting out venom, and the man's eyes just happened to touch its venom.

Afterwards, the man described: "The situation at the time was quite terrifying. After the snake's head was cut off, the eyes on the snake's head suddenly opened, and then some venom was ejected from the mouth. The venom was sprayed at a distance of Even dozens of centimeters away, before I could react, the venom was already on my left eye." For a moment, the eye felt like it was on fire.

This man is Mr. Chen. When he recalled this incident in the hospital bed, it can be said that he was frightened. After all, it was the first time he had encountered such a situation in decades. He even found it very bizarre. At the same time, I also felt scared.

The poisonous snake was caught and brought home to make soup. After cutting off the snake's head, it still spit out venom!

It is understood that Mr. Chen is A villager in Tianlong Village, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, usually raises pigs for a living. In 201At the end of September, I happened to go buy pig feed. Since Mr. Chen grew up in a rural area, he had seen a lot of snakes since he was a child, and venomous snakes were not uncommon when the weather was hot, so he was not afraid of venomous snakes.

I didn’t expect that I was careless this time. It was also the first time I was contaminated by the venom of a poisonous snake. Fortunately, I went to the hospital in time, otherwise Mr. Chen’s life would have been in danger.

At this time, many people were curious, isn’t the snake head part of the snake? If the snake's head leaves the snake's body, how can it still attack us? Can't a snake be killed?

The venomous snake was caught and brought home to make soup. After the snake's head was cut off, it still sprayed out venom!

In fact, the snake's head was cut off It is still active after the snake's head is cut off. Although it cannot survive, it still has a certain degree of "activity". According to data, within a few minutes or dozens of minutes after the snake's head is cut off, it can even sense the stimulation of the outside world. With some stimulation, it will naturally spit out venom.

Some people have also experimented by placing the snake head alone in a low-temperature place. After a few hours, the "activity" of the snake head has not disappeared.

The poisonous snakes are caught and cooked into soup. Even after cutting off the snake's head, it still spits out venom!

Therefore, people in some areas When catching a snake, not only will the snake's head be cut off, but the snake's head will also be buried in the ground. This is also to prevent the snake's head from hurting people again. If you use a stick close to the snake's head, you will find that the snake's head can actually Bite the stick.

In addition, snakes’ bodies are also active. Do you think snakes are very strange?

This is the story about a man who encountered a venomous snake on the roadside, caught it home and made soup. After cutting off the snake's head, it still sprayed out venom. In short, we should be careful when we see snakes. Don't get hurt by snakes.