A drowned cat was found on the ground after a heavy rain in Shenzhen. When a man rescued it, he discovered that it was actually a national second-level protected animal.

Pet Story

Some time ago, there were continuous rainstorms, which came and went intermittently, which was really annoying.

At around 16:00 on May 7, a sudden heavy rain also hit Dapeng, Shenzhen. Mr. Li was waiting for the rain to stop before he hurried home. When he passed through Dashahe Park on his way home, he suddenly saw a wet dark fur ball under the bench in the park. Mr. Li was kind-hearted and immediately stepped forward to check the situation. Sure enough, it was a small milk cat less than 10 centimeters in length. It was curled up tightly and motionless.


Mr. Li carefully picked it up, and the little kitten began to tremble. Mr. Li breathed a sigh of relief. He was saved if he didn't die! He wiped the kitten dry with paper towels and put it in his arms to prevent it from losing temperature. He then looked for a nearby pet store, hoping that it could be rescued in time, but there was no pet shop nearby, so he was worried about the kitten. It was going to starve to death, so I decided to go to a nearby supermarket to buy something for it to drink. The supermarket didn't happen to have goat milk powder, so he bought milk first, but the little cat didn't drink it. When he was anxious, a young lady told him that there was a pet shop a few hundred meters away. Mr. Li sent him to the pet hospital without hesitation.

At around 18 o'clock, Mr. Li sent the little kitten to the pet shop. The pet doctor immediately started a series of operations such as wiping, keeping warm, and feeding goat milk powder. The little kitten became a little more energetic. It was tested and dewormed and determined to be perfectly healthy. Because it was not possible to ensure that the critical period was over, he was transferred to another hospital and allowed to stay for one night.

The next day, the little kitten completely regained its vitality. Mr. Li was very moved and felt that he was destined to it, so he named it "Wuqi" based on the date of rescue, and decided that if no one wanted to adopt it, he would be its father.

However, the pet doctor told him a shocking truth.

True identity

The pet doctor who first rescued Wuqi and the pet doctor who later transferred him to another hospital both told Mr. Li that the identity of this little milk cat was not simple and that it might be a national second-level protected animal. Animal ocelot.

Mr. Li was confused after hearing this, but he couldn’t believe that he had discovered a national second-level protected animal so easily. At first, he firmly believed that Wuqi was either a Bengal leopard cat or a civet cat. So he kept looking for relevant information on Baidu, and consulted professionals engaged in field investigation through friends. Everyone there said it looked like an ocelot. Mr. Li recalled various details and began to feel that the black and white stripes on Wu Qi's head and his wild and lively energySomething was indeed wrong. In the end, he chose to call the police and asked them to help contact the Shenzhen Wildlife Rescue Center.


After comparing the videos and pictures, the Shenzhen Wildlife Rescue Center finally determined that Wuqi was the leopard cat, a national second-level protected animal. On the same day, the staff of the rescue center came to the pet hospital where Wuqi was located and rescued the young leopard cat. Zai Wuqi picked him up and issued a "Special Receipt for Receiving Wild Animals and Their Products in Guangdong Province" for Mr. Li.


Wuqi is too small. With such a big nose, it cannot hunt and has no ability to survive in the wild independently. Therefore, the staff of the Shenzhen Wildlife Rescue Center will It would be safer to raise Wuqi until they reach adulthood and then send them to a nature reserve with suitable conditions in Shenzhen for release into the wild.

After Mr. Li went to find out about it later, the staff said that it might be sent to the nature reserve in Dapeng New District to be released into the wild. Then there might be a chance to see the Wuqi? Although they only got along for two days, Mr. Li still has great affection for Wuqi. Now he just hopes that it will grow up healthily.