A peacock in a Jiangxi scenic area plucked its feathers to hide from tourists and was run over by a cable car.

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Sometimes it is really difficult for you to understand what is going on in the minds of these quality people.

I have written twice about the outrageous incident of tourists pulling out peacock feathers in scenic spots in broad daylight! And it's not just these two events, it's just that the spread of these two events is relatively far.

A peacock in Jiangxi scenic area plucked its feathers to hide from tourists and was run over by a cable car

Once it happened around February 9, 2022, when a person Suddenly it chased the peacock like crazy, and the tourists at the scene were stunned. They didn't know what it was doing. After catching up with the peacock, it actually grabbed the peacock's tail feathers! There were no staff at the scene at the time, so the person, who was not sure whether he was a man or a woman, just left with the peacock's tail feathers in a swaggering manner.

Another incident occurred on January 28 this year, this time at a zoo in Wuxi, Jiangsu. In order to attract visitors, the zoo decided to open the park for free for two days, which resulted in attracting high-quality families. A boy wearing a red and white patterned down jacket suddenly jumped out of the crowd, grabbed the peacock, beat it wildly and tried to pull the peacock's feathers. The exclamations of the tourists made this talented boy even more excited and stimulated his desire to perform. The staff went to stop him, but the boy was still unconvinced. At this time, the boy's parents felt shameless, went up to protect the results of their careful education, and then ran away.

Oh, the mouse’s son can dig holes. Ah, I'm sorry for saying that, Mouse.

However, something like this happened again recently, this time directly leading to the death of the peacock.

A peacock in Jiangxi scenic area plucked its feathers to avoid tourists and was run over by a cable car

On May 1, in Baishazhou Wetland Park in Poyang, Shangrao, Jiangxi, A white peacock suddenly flew onto the cable car track and was crushed to death by unknown cable cars. Many tourists screamed below. It was determined that the reason was that many students who had slipped through the compulsory education at that time went to steal the feathers of the peacock, causing the peacock to be frightened and had no choice but to fly to the cable car track to seek refuge, but was crushed to death by the cable car without thinking.

At present, the scenic spot has been renovated and there are dedicated personnel to monitor the tracks. Many tourists think that the park management is not in place, knowing that the peacocks willIt really makes sense that the cable car track should be built higher, but these quality people should take care of themselves! No, these people have no idea how annoying they are. It would be better for the zoo to strengthen its management and pay attention to details.

How miserable are these peacocks?

Peacocks can only passively endure such unreasonable disasters. These behaviors may ruin their lives in different ways.

After the peacocks’ tail feathers were plucked out, the physical damage they suffered didn’t seem to be too great? But the tail feathers are really of great significance to the peacock, because the gorgeous tail feathers are their weapon for courting mates. For most wild animals, maintaining the population is the primary purpose, which is why peacocks are willing to survive in the wild with such conspicuous feathers.

The eye-shaped patterns on the tail feathers can scare away some hunters, but they still make them easy to spot. However, this design makes their courtship more efficient. The fact that the peacock group can reproduce to this day shows that their strategy is very effective, so tail feathers are crucial.

In addition, the feathers that are forcibly plucked will cause wounds and may lead to infection, affecting their health. But this is considered small. If a peacock develops a stress response, it may die or get sick even if it is not harmed twice by the outside world.

A peacock in Jiangxi scenic spot plucked its feathers to hide from tourists and was run over by a cable car

We have heard a lot about animal stress in cats and dogs, but In fact, stress reactions occur in most animals, including us humans. When your phone is about to hit the ground, but you narrowly catch it, do you feel your heart shake, your body feel cold for a while, and your hands and feet become sweaty? This is stress, which will promote our blood circulation for a short period of time, allowing us to cope with emergencies.

As humans, we know that stress in animals can really cause big problems. For example, stress in cats and dogs may cause them to suffer from some underlying genetic diseases, such as feline transmission and parvovirus. I also wrote about an incident not long ago. In order to retaliate, someone used a flashlight to shine on the chickens in a neighbor's chicken farm, causing 1,000 chickens to die from stress.

Therefore, these people who have slipped through the cracks of quality education really deserve to be condemned. I am embarrassed to scold them with such dirty words.