Hearing the noise, I ran over to see if I was speechless. Is there any cat disease?

Pet Story

What “confused behaviors” have you seen in cats?

Everyone who raises cats probably has a deep understanding of this. A cat that looks quite normal always does some things that are incomprehensible, such as digging into stinky shoes and smelling stinky shoes. Socks, that's not surprising.

The cat in the story below is even more difficult to understand.

Hearing the noise, I ran over to see if I was speechless. Is there any cat disease?

The woman's home I have two cats, a civet cat and a blue cat. Since they live in the countryside, they are free-range cats. They are quite obedient and go home every day.

The woman heard a "creak" sound coming from the gate, which lasted for a long time. Curious, she went out to check. However, when she walked into the yard, she saw a scene at the door. , the woman really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and she was suddenly speechless: she must be suffering from some serious illness.

I saw that my blue cat was stuck in the crack of the door. It was struggling with its hands and feet and couldn't get out. It looked very helpless.

Hearing the noise, I ran to see if I was speechless. Is there any cat disease?

Originally, the cat likes It is normal for cats to get stuck in the cracks of doors. After all, it is the nature of cats. They like to get stuck everywhere, but the woman's cat got stuck a little "inexplicably".

The door to her house is always open. The cat can come in openly, so this kind of thing will not happen. But it didn't, and it insisted on getting in under the door. It really didn't know its own weight at all.

You said that you liked to do that when you were a child, but now you are much fatter, and you are having trouble with yourself.

........................................ .....

Fortunately, after the blue cat's unremitting efforts and struggling for a while, he finally got free from the crack in the door. I guess There must be a shadow when it sees this gate from now on.

Later the woman revealed this intentionAfter the scene of Sisi was shared with netizens, netizens also started talking about it, saying they were all "stupid" by the cat. Some netizens mocked the cat mercilessly, "It really thinks it is made of water."

Hahahaha, netizens really don’t give anyone any face, but this picture really makes people laugh. We don’t understand what is in the cat’s mind. Clean it every day. Speechless things.