I made a seat for the cat out of a cardboard box, and the cat looked very domineering when sitting on it.

Pet Story

People can satisfy cats materially, but spiritually they are lacking. After all, they go to work every day and rarely have time to spend with cats.

However, during this period, I believe everyone has time to spend with their cats, and they have not been out for more than two months. Some scavengers were bored at home, so they used their brains to make domineering seats for their cats, which fit the cat’s temperament very well.

I used a cardboard box to make a seat for the cat, and the cat looked very domineering when sitting on it.

This pet owner is a man. I am a cat lover, so when I was able, I got a cat to accompany me. Of course, in addition to cats, the man also likes dogs and has a dog at home.

Although these two little guys are quite big, because they grew up in the first period of childhood, they usually don’t fight and get along very well. With them in the pet owner’s life, it is also Even better.

Usually, being accompanied by cats and dogs gives you a feeling of tranquility. Sometimes, you feel tired and want to take a rest.

As a result, this opportunity came unexpectedly. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the pet owner, like everyone else, did not go out for a long time and did not go to work. He basically ate and slept every day.

It was okay at the beginning, and I felt like I had a long break, which was great, but as time went on, I felt bored again. On this day, the pet owner was really bored, so he used his brain to find something to do for himself. The pet owner took the cardboard box at home, took out scissors and other tools, and started to make a special seat for his cat.

Because there was nothing to do, the pet owner was very attentive when working. After working for almost two hours, the pet owner finally finished the seat.

After that, the pet owner put the mat at home on it, but felt that the colors did not match and it was very inconsistent. So, the pet owner took out the paint, dyed the seat black, and put cushions on it, which looked very matching.

I used a cardboard box to make a seat for the cat, and the cat looked very domineering when sitting on it.

After it was done, the owner put the seat on I'm next to you, thinking I'll let you go laterThe cat sits for a while. As a result, before the owner could find the cat, the cat came over on its own and stared directly at the seat made by the owner. After making some preparations, it easily jumped on it, adjusted its posture, and sat on it.

The cat's sitting posture is also very domineering. When paired with a chair, it is not too domineering. Sure enough, the cat is the "king" and has an amazing temperament.

Afterwards, the pet owner also shared the photo online, and many netizens said that the chair and the cat are a "perfect match."