I took my Chinese garden cat to be neutered, but the operation was not successful.

Pet Story

Many people have heard of the Chinese Garden Cat’s disease resistance, but do you know how good the Chinese Garden Cat’s disease resistance is?

When a domestic store owner was guarding the store, he discovered a garden cat that was always wandering in front of her store. The kitten was very small, less than 6 kittens. One month old, he looked very thin, so thin that he didn't even have any hair on his body, which was very pitiful.

Take the Chinese garden cat to be sterilized, but the operation was not completed

So as long as the cat owner sees the kitten coming, he will give it to him After some food came and went, the kitten was not leaving the shop until the cat was taken to the shop. The man didn't say anything, even if he adopted it by default.

The scavenger was afraid that the garden cat would go into heat and run away from home, so he planned to sterilize it. After consulting several pet hospitals, he finally selected a relatively safe pet hospital. But the process of neutering the kitten that day was quite bumpy, and the sterilization operation was not completed. It ended in a hurry with the pet doctor surrendering and giving up.

That morning, the poop scraper brought Tianyuan Cat to the pet hospital early. However, as soon as he arrived at the pet hospital, Tianyuan Cat had a stress reaction, which was so severe that the pet doctor could not touch Tianyuan Cat at all.

Before sterilizing a cat, a series of biochemical tests must be carried out to ensure that the cat is healthy. However, the problem is that the pastoral cats resist too fiercely and cannot be checked at all.

Doctor A: "What should I do? I can't figure it out. I have never seen a cat with such a strong temper."

Doctor B: "If it doesn't work, just discuss it with the owner, calm down, and then Check again."

The pet doctor gave the Tianyuan cat a sedative after discussing with the poop officer, in an attempt to calm down the cat. But after sedating the cat, something happened that shocked the pet doctor.

Take the Chinese garden cat to be sterilized, but the operation was not completed

This garden cat was drunk after being given a sedative. , even when the sedatives are fully effective, they are still struggling to resist.

Tian Yuan Cat: "Don't try to catch me. Remember when I was a wanderer and I didn't experience any big storms?"

The two pet doctors looked at the beating.The Tianyuan Cat, who was still resisting with his drunken fist, was speechless.

Doctor A: "How much dose was given for sedation? It shouldn't be, how can it still resist? Is it not enough?"

Doctor B: "I gave it the maximum amount of weight. The dose cannot be given any more. If you give a little more, you may not be able to wake up."

That morning, two pet doctors spent three hours with the pastoral cat in the pet hospital, and all the sedatives were taken. It's almost exhausted and still can't catch the garden cat.

Pet doctor: "We surrender, we admit defeat! Take the cat back first, we can't do it today!"

At this point, it was announced that the sterilization operation failed that day, and the garden cat won. You may not know what this means. Once the tranquilizer enters the body of an organism, the organism's thinking and behavior will slow down. Only organisms with high willpower and high disease resistance can cause the tranquilizer to fail. This is what ordinary pet cats simply do. Not enough!

Take the Chinese garden cat to be sterilized, but the operation was not completed

The cat owner wants to say: If you want to raise a cat, you can consider raising one. Pastoral cats have good disease resistance and are not easy to get sick. Therefore, pastoral cats are the cheapest cats to raise among all cats. They only need to provide food every day.

And after being raised, the appearance of garden cats is not inferior to that of any breed of cats. The most important thing is that garden cats do not need to spend money to buy, you can just adopt them. You can achieve multiple things with one stone, so why not?