Stray cats knock on the door every day, begging for food as a matter of course, leaving the house owner confused.

Pet Story

Cats are a kind of arrogant and advanced creatures. They have their own unique logic. Sometimes they show indifference when faced with the favor of their owners. Their aloof appearance makes even shit-savers feel chilled. , but sometimes they are very enthusiastic.

Stray cats come and

A woman abroad shared an interesting story about her encounter with a stray cat. The stray cat started to appear in front of the woman’s house at some point and cautiously observed the surroundings. environment.

That day, the stray cat finally took the initiative to say hello to the woman. It came to the door of the woman’s house and kept meowing, but it did not enter the house for a long time. It seemed to be asking for help. The woman's opinion was, "I'm here for a visit, so hurry up and greet her."

Stray cats come and

The cat’s unusual behavior attracted the attention of the house owner. When the house owner came forward to receive this sudden “visitor”, the cat showed a natural expression and asked for help from the house owner. The food left the owner stunned on the spot.

Stray cats come and

Faced with this cute and fluffy cat, the owner of the house was of course unable to resist it and immediately brought food and water to the cat. From that day on, the cat came to visit the netizen in front of the house every day, and finally stayed in the houseIf you don't leave, you will gain a shit shoveling officer.