The cat just finished pooping and is hungry again? The little shit shoveling officer feeds the cat like a rich man

Pet Story

This netizen has 20 cats at home. After raising them for a long time, even his daughter "Little Mantou" has become a complete cat slave.

On this day, netizens were cleaning cat litter when they suddenly heard a strange noise. When they turned around, they realized that their daughter had taken it upon herself to prepare food for her children. The tragic situation on the ground made netizens instantly collapse.

Netizens feel sorry for the plight of stray cats. They have adopted 20 stray cats at home. After getting pregnant, they thought that raising fur babies would not affect them, and they never considered giving the cats away.

The cat has just finished pooping and is hungry again? The style of a small poop shovel official is rich Feed the cat

My daughter, Little Mantou, has been watching since she was born Watching the mother interact with the cat, over time she wanted to join in. However, netizens were afraid that children would not know how to control the cat, so they waited until their daughter was 1 year old before officially allowing it.

Unexpectedly, Little Mantou became obsessed with cats as soon as he touched them. He usually massages and tells stories to his owners, and even has a good relationship with them to the point where they can talk about their concerns, which makes netizens feel heart-warming. "My daughter once ate them secretly." I caught the cats feeding, but she looked happy and wanted to drink from their water dispenser. It seemed that she really got along with the cats as good friends."

On this day, netizens met their 6-year-old master After Lulu was liberated, when she stepped forward to clean the cat litter, she kept hearing "squeaking" sounds. When she turned around, she realized that something serious had happened.

It turns out that after meeting his friend Lulu, Little Mantou kept scooping out feed and pouring it into the bowl, trying to learn how to put food for cats. However, his skills were not very good in the first challenge and he spilled the feed all over the floor. .

The cat has just finished pooping and is hungry again? The style of a small poop shovel official is rich Feed the cat

Although netizens were stunned at the moment, but I realized that Little Mantou behaved like this just because he wanted to take more care of the cat, so after cleaning up the feed on the ground afterwards, I didn’t pursue it any further.

The cat said: This little shit shovel is pretty good!