The fact that my parents were touched by a super smart kitten is so cute!

Pet Story

When I was returning home from vacation, one evening Mom and I went out to look for food. We met a kitten at the door of our house who was also looking for food.

(The lucky kitten started a life of conquering my parents)

The story of parents being touched by a super smart kitten is so loving!

I happen to have cat food for my egg yolk (the little smelly cat I have raised for 2 years) at home, and Mommy plans to come in. Get her something to eat...

The kitten followed the door very naturally.

A very active kitten!

The next day, my brother put some cat food at the door, and it came again

This cat meowed softly and was very well-behaved. It came to my mother on time every morning. , my mother is obviously a little obsessed. But at this time, my father’s attitude was like this:

However, the next day after the rejection, it became clear that my father had fallen into trouble (but he didn’t know it)

He would never hold a mobile phone. Paipapapapap’s dad posted two pictures in a row to the family group.

An episode happened later:

Mom’s expression has changed to “our cat”

Dad also felt that this cat was really good. Luck is on you.

Because the cat food was finished, her father took the initiative to run to the supermarket and buy cat food for her.

The second elder’s attitude is to keep a stray cat in a semi-free range. The food is sufficient, and the cat can come and go freely, so he can just let it go~

But this cat has quickly integrated into the family...

I went back home again last weekend, and I sat on the chair on, it sat obediently behind me...

Just! very! good!

At that time, her father had already made a nest for her in the hallway at the door! There were also several layers of towels carefully laid out!

In the evening we chatted at the dining table and stood up to get ready to go to bed. It just walked out the door!

It knows when we get up that it’s time to go to bed, and it also knows where its nest is! It’s so sensible that it makes people feel distressed!

My parents were touched by a super smart kitten. It's such a lovely thing!

After returning to Hangzhou, he disliked me extremelyThe waste egg yolk...

The family group has become a cat-showing group:

Its current treatment at home is that it can lie on the table or my dad’s precious sofa On the bed, sometimes she grabbed dad’s exclusive dining chair, and dad would sit next to her silently...

Then when we found out she was already pregnant.

Dad also built a delivery room for her:

But the kitten had its own ideas:

Yesterday morning the kitten ran upstairs to her mother’s door. Call the mother out and take her to the delivery room she found in the basement.

I gave birth today!

6! Mother and child are safe!

For this reason, my dad went out in the middle of the night to buy canned food for the cat (the prepared food was secretly fed by his brother)

If he couldn’t buy it, he went to the owner group for help:

The neighbors are also great!