The stray female cat brought back a piece of meat and was so stunned that she didn’t want to take a bite.

Pet Story

How great can maternal love between animals be?

People often praise maternal love, but it is usually limited to the relationship between people, and they ignore that there is actually touching love between animals. Sometimes, even though the maternal love between animals is silent, it can hit us more directly. mind.

The stray female cat brought back a piece of meat and was reluctant to eat it. One bite

For example, the stray female cat below has The outpouring of maternal love.

"Meow meow meow" came several urgent meows from downstairs, as if the cat was talking about something urgent.

After hearing the cat meowing, the netizen upstairs curiously poked his head downstairs. He wanted to know what happened to make the stray cat so anxious.

When he looked downstairs, he found that the stray cat mother who had been living at the top of the stairs was back, and it seemed to have something in its mouth and was heading towards "home" excitedly. Run.

It trotted all the way until it reached the door of the house, and then it was willing to put down the thing in its mouth, and only then did the netizens see clearly that it was a piece of meat.

"Meow meow~" The female cat who put down the meat called home again gently, as if to say, "Children, come out to eat quickly, mother has found something delicious. !"

When netizens saw this scene, their eyes instantly became wet. It turned out that it started barking from all the way away, and it was sharing the joy of finding food with the children!

In this way, the stray female cat kept guarding the food. Perhaps the piece of meat was too fragrant. The cat took the meat back into its mouth again and savored it again, but it never wanted to part with it. Take a bite, because I want to leave it to the children.

The stray female cat brought back a piece of meat and was reluctant to eat it. One bite

When netizens gave this "female cat" to the children After the video of eating meat in its mouth was shared online, it also attracted the attention of many netizens. Everyone was moved by the maternal love of stray cats.

"Whether it is an animal or a human being, maternal love is the greatest!" Some netizens said.

"Everything has a spirit. If you don't love us, please don't hurt us!" Some netizens pointed out that even if weIf you don’t like stray cats and dogs, please give them a way to live and don’t kill them all.

The netizen who took the video said that when he saw the cat holding meat all the way and not willing to eat it, he was really shocked by its love for its children. As a mother, it had done its best.