Two abandoned kittens rescued from trash cans join the adventure

Pet Story

Although these two kittens were abandoned, they found their own happy cats!

Two women abroad found two poor kittens in a large trash can. They originally wanted to send the cats to the shelter, but it was already past business hours. The two women who were originally expected to go on a trip In the end, he simply kept the two kittens with him.

Two abandoned kittens rescued from the trash can, join the adventure

They named the two kittens Bolt and Keel, the kitten's cute personality quickly won their hearts, and they embarked on various adventure-filled journeys with the shit shoveler!

Bolt and Keel were rescued from the trash can by their owner when they were young, and have joined their ranks since then.

They quickly captured the heart of the poop collector and became happy cats who could play around and be pampered.

Keel is an adventurous cat who loves to play everywhere and always looks at new things with curiosity.

In comparison, Bolt, who has relatively long hair, is a lazy cat. If someone can hold him, he will never let himself fall to the ground, and he is unknowingly fatter than Keel.

Keel and Bolt can go hiking with the shit shoveler without blushing or panting. Of course, the lazy Bolt must ask the shit shoveler to do it for him.

Two abandoned kittens rescued from the trash can, join the adventure

The two shit scrapers did not expect that they would They started their journey with the cats like this, but now the two cats are inseparable parts of each other, and they will continue to move forward on more unknown journeys in the future.