How much do you know about Shiba Inu's skin diseases?

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The cuteness of the shiba inu is obvious to all. Its soft face makes people want to pinch it; its healing smile is as warm as the autumn sunset. Therefore, many people want to own a Shiba Inu.

But you know what? The probability of Shiba Inu getting skin diseases is very high, because Shiba Inu has a double layer of hair and has a high frequency of hair loss. If the owner does not take care of it in time, It is likely to suffer from skin diseases. Today, the editor will introduce to you several common skin diseases of Shiba Inu and their preventive measures.

How much do you know about the skin diseases of Shiba Inu?

Common skin diseases:

1. Eczema: Shiba Inu eczema mostly occurs in the rainy season and summer. At this time, erythema, pimples, blisters, decay, scabs and other wounds will appear on the dog's skin, making the dog feel hot, painful and itchy.

2. Atopic dermatitis: This skin disease of Shiba Inu is mainly related to environmental allergens, such as dust mites, hair, mold in the indoor environment, and outdoor pasture, pollen, Volatile substances, etc. At this time, the dog will constantly scratch and itch, which will lead to hair loss, edema and other conditions.

3. Tick disease: As the name suggests, this is caused by ticks parasitic on the body surface of Shiba Inu. Ticks may be parasitic on various parts of the dog's body, among which the ears and heels are most likely to breed . At this time, the dog's skin may be infected, swollen, and even festered.

4. Folliculitis: The main cause of this disease is that the hair of Shiba Inu is wet for a long time, which leads to the growth of various bacteria. Symptoms such as itching, rash, and hair loss.

5. Scabies: Shiba Inu’s scabies is caused by mites. Most of the scabies parasitize in the cuticle of the dog’s skin. Dogs with scabies will have severe itching , rashes may appear on the head, chest, abdomen, inner limbs, etc. If not cured in time in the later stage, systemic lesions may occur, such as multiple lymph node lesions.

Prevention tips:

1. The place where the Shiba Inu lives should be well ventilated, and the kennel should not be directly across the floor, because the floor is relatively humid.

2. Regularly deworming Shiba Inu, spray or medicine are all fine, if you don’t know how to choose, you can consult a professional veterinarian.

3. Comb the Shiba Inu frequently, especially during the moulting period, which can not only promote the dog’s metabolism, but also remove the dirt on its skin surface.

4. Use sulfur soap to bathe the Shiba Inu. This will not only remove the dirt on the dog’s skin, but also kill the parasites on the Shiba Inu. However, the hair should be dried in time after washing, otherwise it is easy to cause Dermatological.

The above is the experience summed up by the editor. It is normal for Shiba Inu to have skin diseases, so don't worry too much. Scientific breeding and timely medical treatment can easily cure it. I hope everyone's pet dogs can be healthy and healthy.