Understand the common diseases of huskies and their prevention methods, and be a qualified excrement shoveler

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husky although Often make two mistakes< /a>, but with his good looks, he has won the hearts of many shit-shoveling officials. The ideal of many people in life is: one day, raise a Erha!

But I have to remind everyone that Erha is cute and can bring infinite joy to our lives, but raising it is by no means so easy. If you want Erha to stay with you in good health all the time, you must know its common diseases and how to prevent them. This is true love~

Learn about common diseases of huskies and their prevention methods, and be a qualified excrement shoveler

1. Acute gastric torsion

Gastric torsion is a kind of husky that often occurs The emergency in large dogs is due to the fact that huskies have a large appetite, which makes the stomach a little heavy. In addition, huskies like to run wildly, which will cause the stomach to turn over accidentally, resulting in blockage of the cardia and pylorus connecting the top and bottom of the stomach. Gas in the stomach cannot escape and swells up. Gastric torsion is quite dangerous and deadly, and many dogs arrive at the hospital with serious symptoms. In just a few hours, the dog that was alive and kicking will suddenly collapse, and even evolve to the point where it needs to be operated on.

Husky gastric torsion has symptoms such as poor spirits, restlessness, retching, and drooling in the early stage; in severe cases, the abdomen will swell like a ball, the oral mucosa will become pale, and even hypotensive shock .

Prevention methods:

1) Usually, you should take small meals and frequent meals to avoid Erha eating too much food at one time;

2) Be careful not to let Erha engage in intense activities within 30 minutes before and after eating.

2. Food poisoning

Husky is a relatively greedy dog ​​breed, and it has a "glass stomach", so they suffering from foodThe possibility of drug poisoning is also relatively high. The symptoms of food poisoning are generally vomiting, diarrhea and so on.

Prevention methods:

1) When feeding the huskies, the masters must check whether the food has deteriorated or spoiled;

2) When the husky vomits or has diarrhea, you can properly starve it for a whole day. When the situation improves, you can feed a small amount of food that is good for digestion. It should not be too greasy, try to avoid meat, or put dog food in water to soften

3) If the poisoning is serious, you should send it to the pet hospital in time, tell the veterinarian what food your Erha ate, and then listen to the doctor's advice.

3. Cold

Cold and fever are also common diseases of huskies, which are easy to occur when the seasons change. Especially in winter, if the temperature difference changes too much, Huskies cannot adapt immediately, leading to colds and fevers.

Prevention methods:

1) Pay attention to keeping the husky warm in time;

2) You can feed some Xiaoermaoling granules, the dosage can be halved, or pet medicine It is also okay to have a cough;

3) If it is serious enough to cause bronchitis or pneumonia, then you should seek medical treatment from a doctor.

4. No appetite

If the husky has no appetite but is in good spirits, it is likely to be due to improper diet, sudden change of dog food, overeating, Indigestion or gastrointestinal discomfort caused by irregular diet and other reasons.

Prevention methods:

1) You can buy some probiotics to regulate the stomach;

2) If the food intake is less than half of the usual, the old love will not be able to lie down If it moves, you should take it to the hospital for examination. This kind of situation can basically find other diseases, so you should pay attention to observation.

To sum up, there is actually a fragile body behind the husky's cuteness. So, you shit-shoveling officers must think carefully before raising it. Once you raise it, you can't abandon it regardless of health or illness. You must take good care of it~